Friday, January 22, 2010

CorelDraw Tips 1

To open and work with CorelDraw files very fast

Some times you could have lost your patience when opening a CorelDraw file as it takes a very very long time to open. Even after opening the file, copy and paste will take another long time. Don't fed up. I'll tell you a small and simple technique to avoid this problem.

Step 1 : First open the file.
Step 2 : Then export the file as Corel Presentation Exchange (.cmx) format.
(Don't export the file as Corel Presentation Exchange 5.0. Some errors will come on this)
Step 3 : Create a new file.
Step 4 : Import the cmx files you exported
Step 5 : Save the file with the new name.

Now open the new file and see the difference.

Draw backs :
You may face some problems on this method. Something will be changed on gradient fills, paragraph texts and special effects. You have to compare and correct it. Mesh fill will be converted in to bitmap image.

This technique will work finely in Corel13. But some errors will come in Corel14. So save the file as Corel13 and open it in Corel13. Then export, import and save it in corel13. After that you can open and work it in corel14.

Don'ts :
This problem happens mostly when you are converting Corel14 to Corel13 or when you copy & paste a image or text from another file which was created from any other computer. So, pls note that, you should not copy & paste any image or text from a file which takes long time to open. If you want to copy anything from that files, open that file, export the image or text to cmx, then import it to your file.

Important Note :
Even after export, import and save as a new file, you should not copy and paste objects from other files which is taking long time to open. You should export the image you want as cmx from the file and then import it here.

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  1. This is a good way to get around the issue yet an easy fix that takes less time and will not cause any loss of art or quality.

    Essentially what is happening is the file contains tons and tons of color styles and Views.

    Tip..... When you are finished with your design. Save the file. Next open the Color Styles Docker Window / Dockers / Color Styles
    and delete (remove) all the colors in the docker.

    Save your file.

    Next Open the View Manager (Ctrl+F2) and remove all views stored in the docker.

    This information is NOT needed and is the root of your slow to open files in most cases.

    Feel free to contact me @ for any more info